Morning Musume。”Egao YES Nude”

The 32nd single from Morning Musume。.

This time they start off with a bang! I really like this song and I had contemplated buying more than one version. ^_^

It’s the first single featuring new, 8th generation member, Mitsui Aika. I have to admit that when I first saw her in the auditions, I didn’t like her. She looked like an old lady to me. But, now that’s she’s all glammed up…I like her. She’s a nice fit with the rest of the members and she’s actually does well in this song.

  • DigitalBunny

    This song is very good! I really Like it =) But the cover doesn't match the song ;_; *kiddin* xD

    "Smile, yes, nude

    I’m only yours

    So don’t hold back, be strong

    I’ll be with you every night

    Smile, yes, nude"

    I'm smillin' =D